Edith+Eddie screens worldwide; continues to be utilized by elder law experts globally

Edith+Eddie, the Academy Award-nominated film directed, produced and edited by Laura Checkoway and produced by Thomas Lee Wright has a momentous autumn in store.

Following a Mexican premiere at Shorts Mexico – where it took home the award for Best International Documentary Short.

The film next travels to Amsterdam, Netherlands on October 4 for a screening at the Fraude Film Festival, as well as Seoul, South Korea on October 23 for a screening at the 5th World Congress on Adult Guardianship.

Filmmaker Laura Checkoway will also speak at the congress, attended annually by hundreds of international experts, legal practitioners and academics from 40 different countries. The congress aims to “provide a platform for discussion of guardianship systems in different cultures” and to “establish an international guiding principle for the protection of rights of senior citizens and individuals with impaired decision-making abilities.” Learn more at the WCAG website.

Simultaneous to its showing at the WACG conference, the film will come home to Alexandria, Virginia (where Edith+Eddie was filmed) on October 23 at 3pm during the 42nd Annual Consumer Voice 2018 Conference. Edith+Eddie will be shown and discussed by experts during a plenary session entitled, ‘Not Her Own Person Anymore – Strategies for Avoiding and Addressing the Potentially Devastating Impact of Guardianship.’

Earlier this year, the Senate Special Committee on Aging solicited the filmmakers' insight on issues and practices related to guardianship arrangements. In their letter, they wrote:

“Our observation is that Americans are eager for accurate information and best practices. They want to discuss strategies and solutions, and the film provides a vehicle for discussion with ongoing resonance.”

Finally, expanding its global reach even further, Edith+Eddie will be available via the Brazilian television provider Globosat, both through Globosat’s channel as well as SVOD.

Find resources for discussing and understanding guardianship, as well as ways to contribute to the film’s impact campaign, at editheddie.com.

Julia Martin