"They were truly in love. What happened to them is horrible–it's elder abuse and it's happening all over. We're hopeful this film can make a difference." 

– Cher (Executive Producer), The Hollywood Reporter


"All of the things we look for in a film... challenging, universal... a gift of love and compassion."

– Paul Booth, Talking Pictures


"Most impressive perhaps, Laura Checkoway's intense and moving EDITH+EDDIE...Gripping the viewer for the duration and building something genuinely beautiful out of tragedy."

– Matt Turner, Shooting People


"EDITH+EDDIE shows exactly how our guardianship laws fail to protect vulnerable adults, and why reform is badly needed."

– Benjamin Orzeske, Chief Counsel, Uniform Law Commission


"In just half an hour, EDITH+EDDIE captures so much about love, aging and infirmity–and speak volumes about America's issues with elder care and guardianship."

– Norman Wilner, Now Toronto

"As wrenching as EDITH+EDDIE becomes, it still resonates most immediately as an intimate portrait of two people whose company you will come to prize as much as they clearly do each other’s...[Checkoway's] ability to give voice to those without a platform and her insights into a broken system purely through their personal stories has made her a truly exciting filmmaker to watch."

— Stephen Saito, Moveable Fest


"Devastating... It is the mix of incredible access and a willingness to embrace a story’s shrewdly synthesized structure, running the gamut from unbelievable fantasy to unbearable nightmare, that yields an extraordinarily memorable work of nonfiction that stands among the festival’s best."

— Jordan M. Smith, NonFics.com at True/False 2017


"EDITH+EDDIE starts out feeling like an inspirational story. A black woman and white man find each other, and love, in their mid-90s. But as the couple is separated due to a legal battle, what could have been a life-affirming hug turns into something darker: an indictment of the elder-care system, with racial undertones."

— Steven Zeitchik, Los Angeles Times


"A more heartbreaking film might not be seen this weekend [at AFI DOCS]... bring tissues."

– Eric Althoff, The Washington Times 


"This film will pull at the heartstrings while striking a flame within the audience."

— Lidia Moore, Vox Magazine


"Capturing the beauty of a pure love unfazed, at least by the people inside it, by race or age."

— Aarik Danielson, Columbia Tribune


"Pound for pound, this is one of the great films of the year...a lovingly told story done right, EDITH+EDDIE is a ride on the best kind of emotional rollercoaster." 

— Paul Sturtz, True/False Co-Conspirator


"One of the most beautiful and quietly furious films I have ever seen."

-Julia Reichert, director of A LION IN THE HOUSE